IMG_1870Hosting a bash at Republic nightclub for the 2017 NBA All-Star game this weekend, 2 Chainz and Allen Iverson made a specific demands when it came to their drinks.

IMG_1871Reporters got a hold of the rapper and NBA legendary point guard’s rider for their New Orleans gig, 2 Chainz requested for three bottles of Ciroc, four bottles of Ace of sparse and also three bottles of Dom Perignon, all in a different flavor. And, the Atlanta native’s champagne must bear the glow-in-the-dark label.

While AI said he wants six bottles of Moët Rose and he adds three bottles of “top-shelf” vodka, three bottles of Hennessy and Patron, 12 Coronas and a 12-pack of Fiji waters. Well Of course, he wants 10 hand towels – NBA players got to have their towels lol.