Model and Nollywood actor, Uti Nwachukwu, in a new interview has revealed that the acting profession does not pay that much and he’s not ready to pretend all is well.

In an interview with PUNCH, Uti speaks on acting and marriage

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About Acting

He said:

Revealing he hasn’t been in the country, Uti says he is back after taking a break from acting because saying it doesn’t pay much and he isn’t ready am not ready for that kind of life.

He continued:

I don’t want to pretend about it, so, I am only focusing on what brings greater pay, which is tv presenting and events hosting.

Acting would just be a hobby bcos to me producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn in acting. But I will not stay away from movies completely, I will only pick exceptional movies instead of featuring in all the ones I am invited to feature in. I don’t have so much time for small pay, I am in the industry to make money to play.

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About Marriage

I will certainly marry at the right time and marriage is not a competition. Once I find the right partner for me, nothing will stop me from getting marrying that one. I am an adult and my parents are well educated, so I don’t expect them to force me to get married.