Van Jones

Activism and Entertainment has been taken to a newer dimension courtesy of Van Jones. This he did through his CNN show event, termed “The Van Jones Show.”

Going by Jones actions, this event of his called “The Van Jones Show” as anchored by him is seen as a new approach in making activism meet entertainment. How the wide gap between the two – Activism and Entertainment, was cutely bridged. Hear him: ‘therefore if it goes well or badly, it is kind of more on me.’

Donald Trump

Van Jones Show very first episode, aired last few week ago and it was just during the weekend of the Grammys award event. It began with a bang. His first guest was renowned music mogul Jay-Z and some of his comments regarding the president of America being a ‘superbug’ made Donald Trump to not only take notice, but to also do what he perhaps knows how to do best, which is – tweet a response.

Van Jones

However, when asked if this might become a regular exercise, Van Jones quietly made a response saying, ‘I doubt it. I am not worried also about Mr. Donald Trump and his minutest and little silly tweets.’

Jay -Z

Activism met entertainment in the world of Van Jones. It was real good.