The return of Black Star may soon to be back as it was revealed that while attending a Madlib DJ set in Denver, Yasiin Bey showed up and unveiled that he and bandmate Talib Kweli would be returning with an album with Madlib.


Mellowtooth said; ‘I just got back from a Madlib DJ set in Denver, and Yasiin Bey made a surprise appearance, and announced a Blackstar and Madlib album dropping in 2018,……..He even mentioned it several times. Yasiin showed up after performing elsewhere in Denver with Talib Kweli the same night.’

Again, Mellowtooth went on to attach audio clips of the announcement; ‘New Black Star with Madlib, Talib Kweli, Yasiin coming soon,”… and Yasiin could be heard saying; ‘All Madlib, all day,, 2018.’