International African-American Museum

The museum is a resemblance of the heritage of the black people. The land where it is situated is more than prime riverfront real estate. It is a show of the beauty that black radiates. It actually connect deeply to the life and times of the black race.

It is indeed a respected and celebrated edifice which records reveal that almost half of the blacks from Africa who got enslaved and were shipped to the Northern America disembarked in Charleston. Most of the numerous slaves really according to reports took their very first steps on the soil of America on this patch of land that is hosting the museum.

Michael Boulware Moore, President and CEO of the International African-American Museum

It is gathered really, that it was once the very biggest and largest wharf in the entire North America. Historians have placed their estimate that over ninety (90%) percent of all African-Americans can cutely trace back to their one ancestor to this very great land.