Chief Keef & Mike

Indeed, the pair of Chief Keef and Mike Will really and actually Made It and the duo have agreed that Kendall Jenner should as a matter of facts begin to pursue a music and an entertainment career. “I did believe and think Kendall Jenner should begin immediately rapping…”, Chief Keef had penned over his social media account, the Twitter Handle. In the side of Mike Will, he responded to the comment and/or statement informing “Bruh I did tell her this like say 3 , 4 yrs back, sing or sump”

Kendall has not in the recent times weighed in on the idea as of this moment, however, the twenty-two years old presently doubles as a model cum reality star. She was of recent seen in an ads for womenswear brand Ochirly. For the mean time, her baby sis, Kylie Jenner, is running and managing a makeup empire, that also features best-selling products and/or items like eyeshadow, lipstick, and highlighters.