The Real Madrid football star, Cristiano Ronaldo was sure confident he would pick his fifth Ballon d’Or trophy ahead of Lionel Messi and Neymar when he flow his entire family to the Eiffel Tower in France.

After receiving the 2017 Ballon d’Or on Thursda night, Ronaldo vowed to ‘let the fight continue’; indirectly referring to his rival Lionel Messi as they continue to battle for the Ballon d’Ors in future.

He said;

‘Let’s have the fight continue in a good way. He (Lionel Messi) will do his best for his club and his national team…and I will do my best for Real Madrid and my national team. So let’s see at the end of the day who is better and see who at the end of the year what collective awards we win and what the people voted.
‘Of course, I feel happy. It’s a big moment in my career,,,,,,Thanks to my Real Madrid team-mates. thanks to the rest of the people who helped me reach this level.’