Drake And His grocery store 50K

Another news making the waves in the cyberspace and information super highway is the news of Drake’s funding of people’s purchases in Miami Supermarket, his charity way. Indeed, celebrated entertainer, Drake has been on the news and on a mission all the week. this time again, he just dropped a whopping amount of 50K in Miami Supermarket, just to take care of people’s purchases.

Recall that he started off this by making a donation of $25,000 to a school that is located in the city of Miami, and went ahead to offering a girl $50,000 to defray and pay off her school tuition.

It is gathered that he cutely stopped by Sabor Tropical supermarket in the MIA and dropped a whopping sum of $50,000 on groceries and this is just for the whole grocery store. This is very interesting and good of him. It is good to be good and history will always remember good people. I believe Drake has written his name in the good book of history. What is your opinion?