Jared Fogle

Recall the man named Jared Fogle. The man did spend the early part of 2000’s starring in Subway commercials and holding up the numerous oversized pants to display to the universe about how much weight he did lose whilst been on the working out and eating Subway subs. Indeed, his very campaign helped and aided the solidification of the dominance of Subway, who eventually edged out competitors such as, Blimpie and then took charge and took over the sub-game. At that point, Fogle was revealed to the public as a sexual deviant, who usually preyed on young kids, and his career was quietly destroyed and damaged.

Going by the press, Fogle is taking the prosecutors who did lock him up to the law court for a whopping $57 million. Just over the past number of years, he has been trying and attempting to get his ruling been overturned, whilst making claims that sex offenders such as Larry Nassar, actually got off easy when compared to him even though the disgraced physician’s charges are seen and viewed to be much worse.