Nollywood actress, Inem Peter who has been popular for her amazing acting skills, is also popular with showing off her curvy side on social media.

On If acting has been financially rewarding

I can’t really say, the pay is not really there but then I am into acting bcos its my passion, am not in  for the financial benefit. Those making it big in the movie industry are the A-list actors who get paid in millions of naira for an act.

About her acting job

I love the craziness aspect of the job, in the sense that I get to be a different person in every act I paerform. One time I am a lawyer, the next I am a thief and then something else, and on like that.

About flaunting her curves on social media

I do not intentional post pictures on social media to flaunt my curves, trust me. Whenever I post a picture, its not for an ulterior motive. My curves have been there for a long time, am surprised people are just noticing it