Fuel queue

Information hitting our desk, has revealed that, Nigerians and other residents of the country, have been seriously thrown into a very serious panic. This is following the gradual re-emergence of very long queues at the petrol stations in some parts of the nation.

It was gathered, that the very situation, amidst rumour of increase in price of petrol pump price, did spark off fear that, the festive season could witness scarcity and may be marred lack of the product.

In the federal capital city, Abuja, several users of the roads who closed from work on Monday, December 4, 2017 were very unable to purchase petrol, just as many petrol stations were shutdown.

Even as late as at about 8 pm., there were very long queues at the NNPC retail outlet which is located along the Kubwa Expressway. That queue kept motorists waiting for many hours.