IMG_1459.JPGWell just last night, the hiphop rapper 2 Chainz announced on his Instagram account that he had spent the last week recovering from the surgery after breaking one of his legs.

The hiphop rapper who is formerly known as Tity Boi kept the nature of his injury under wraps for nearly about two weeks, before he then addressed his fans with a heartfelt post, while nobody wants to see the hiphop artist suffer, the bulk of the focus pertained to his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour, which was faced risk of cancellation in light of the injury.

Well, luckily for everyone set to attend, the hiphop rapper 2 Chainz is a god damn trooper. The Atlanta hiphop emcee made it clear that he has no intention of stopping the show from going on, even after his doctor told him.IMG_1458.PNG