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Mel B has reportedly made peace with Eddie Murphy, her ex. The former Spice Girl we learnt was able to do so after reaching out to his mom.

The 42 year Mel B, who officially got divorced from her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte in December 2017, started the peacemaking with Murphy by inviting his mother Lillian Murphy over to her place in Los Angeles recently.

We were told that

“Mel B reached out to Eddie’s mum Lilian and she went round for a meal.”

“They spent a lot of quality time together, and Lilian is part of the family now. It’s a big deal because when Mel originally split with Eddie it was over the way she spoke to his mum.”

“Relations with Mel and Eddie have improved considerably, they are on good terms.”
“Mel’s divorce with Stephen has brought her closer to Eddie, who just wants to help as much as he can.”

We are happy for the reunited duo and hope this gets to last this time.