In case you missed it, we posted Jhene Aiko’s drama and how she made headlines this past weekend after granting an interview with BBC Radio and opened up about her dating timeline with her crush Big Sean. Aiko, who has Big Sean tattooed on her, revealed that she first went on a date with Sean as a friend back in 2012 when they met on a project, while she was dating another man.

Jhene Aiko & Big Sean

As it sounds, some people took this as she cheated on her then-boyfriend, while others thought Jhene was referencing her ex-husband Dot Da Genius, who she secretly married and divorced few years later. However, it appears neither of those news are factual.

Jhene Aiko

After this semi-controversial date became a hot talking point for people, even though Jhene tried to clear the air when she said her and her ex-boyfriend were not speaking at the time of her and Sean’s first date, and that she only told him about the basketball game out of respect.