Iris Viktor

It has been learnt from reliable sources that an artist accused Kendrick Lamar of having to steal and artwork for “All The Stars” Video. Whether it is true or not shall be unraveled with time.

Kendrick Lamar and TDE just of recent did make public by jointly releasing the soundtrack for the yet-to-come movie/film, named the “Black Panther” and which has gotten serious rave reviews.

However, one of the singles, features Kendrick alongside TDE labelmate and collaborator SZA captioned ‘All the Stars,’ and the duo of them dropped the visuals for the track, just the week last. Ever since then, a British-Liberian artist, who is identified as, Iris Viktor has come up with an allegation that her work was used in the video (2:59 mark). And that it was used without her permission, a kind of intellectual property theft.

The artist’s attorney, Christopher Robinson, has opined that the representatives of the movie/film made contact to her with regards to using her series of paintings, ‘Constellations,’ for their promotional materials but went ahead to say that his client declined on two different occasions. It is surprise that they went ahead without permission to using the materials thereby violating the rules.