We can say it is appropriate for Kendrick Lamar to joins the ranks of high-profile artists who are making moves to limit the impact of the digital effect on live performances by limiting photos at his concerts. According report, the rapper, who is now embarking on the European leg of his DAMN. tour may follow the likes of late Prince, Alicia Keys, Guns N’ roses and Jack White and encourage fans to put away smartphones and rather choose to be more present and in the moment.


He is expected to take things a step further and will also prohibit outside professional photographers (paparazzi) from the venues in which he will perform throughout Europe. According to the publication, Kung Fu Kenny is making this decision as a means of protecting his brand and ensuring that tickets continue to sell as opposed to the act of fans giving their friends back home a special free viewing via social media.

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According to Helene Muddman, who campaigns against musical copyright infringement, she said; ‘Soon it will become second nature to purchase a license before uploading material that is copyright protected’