A report released today by the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed that the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office had put together a list of suspect cops.

This list was made to keep an eye on officers, such as Reginald V. Graham who arrested Meek Mill in 2007, who had shown a history of bias behavior and racial discrimination. The exact details as to why Reginald’s name made the list has not been revealed but Meek’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, thinks this new release will help Meek be released from prison.


Joe said: ‘Across the justice system, there are many instances of people that are incarcerated being subsequently let out when police corruption is uncovered…….This would certainly be one of those instances. I mean, there were 800 cases that were dismissed or overturned upon discovery of this group of officers who had been committing crimes, lying about circumstances of arrests, and falsifying documents. One of the Police officer is the same one who not only arrested Meek but made allegations that Meek has always denied. This is the only one that testified against Meek.’