Lil Wayne’s ‘A Milli’ single remains one of the most popular singles in both he and Bangladesh’s catalog. “A Milli” further helped Bangladesh to stand out even though he was already a well known producer. The song released back in February 13th, 2008 makes 10 yeas today. In a recent interview, Bangladesh revealed how the song came about and his initial reaction to it.

Rapper Lil Wayne performs onstage during the BET AWARDS '14 at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE on June 29, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

He says ‘A Milli’ was initially supposed to be a interlude on Tha Carter III, the original concept was supposed to feature several younger artist he was working with at the time including Cory Gunz and Tyga. Wayne later hopped on the beat himself and recorded several versions’

However, Bangladesh said those didn’t necessarily come out the way he wanted it.

‘When I first heard it my expectations weren’t met. I didn’t like it. I had different expectations and when you expect something and it’s not like that you are kind of let down. It doesn’t mean the shit isn’t good, it’s just I couldn’t digest it.’

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