Momodu Gondo

At the very moment that Det. Sean Suiter was shot down through a bullet shot in his head which was actually done with his own gun in a West Baltimore alley in November last year, at that point, the Commissioner of Police in Baltimore then, Kevin Davis acted in a very aggressive manner.

Det. Sean Suiter, who was then a veteran of the Baltimore Police Department for a record 18 years, was shot in the head and this happened whilst he was investigating a murder case in West Baltimore, and precisely on November 15. He passed away from injuries and complications arising from the gun shot, just about 24 hours after the incident.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis

The Police Commissioner locked down the Harlem Park neighborhood , the very place the shooting took place, coercing residents of the area to show identification before making a pass via the checkpoints. The Police Commissioner, Davis, in a series of interviews have described the alleged shooter, as a lone black male who was adorning a jacket together with a white stripe as, ‘a very bad, heartless, soulless, ruthless, killer.’ In addition, the Mayor, Catherine Pugh have also given an order that the lighting of the top of city hall blue, to call attention to the killing and also remind that the city Suiter, got slain allegedly by somebody in their midst.