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A new report has surfaced claiming that Chris Brown is thinking about bagging a second chance from his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Rihanna has tried in many languages to let her exes know that she has moved on with her new billionaire beau, Hassan Jameel. However, they are not listening.

According to a source,

“Chris Brown cannot let go of Rihanna, no matter how hard he tries. He has reached out to many of his friends to seek their advice on the sensitive issue. For now, he’s conducted a survey asking his pals, what are the chances of Rihanna taking him back?”

“Chris has always been in love with Rihanna, and he is now asking around and trying to find out if she would talk to him again.”

Many say Rihanna would probably call security if he approached her home especially after he released his documentary, Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life, where he stated that he left Rihanna bruised and bloodied after their infamous 2009 incident.

Brown is not the only former lover hoping to reconquer Rihanna.

Over the weekend, Drake took to Instagram where he shared a photo of himself wearing socks designed by Rihanna. They are from Rihanna‘s Fenty for Stance line. The socks feature a cartoon of Rihanna dancing in her “Work” music video, which has Drake as co-star. Drake captioned the photo: “Trabajo.” The word is Spanish for work.

A source close to Rihanna said she was not laughing and wants Drake to lose her number.

The source said:

“Rihanna feels like Drake is being careless and wishes he would let her move on peacefully. When Rihanna saw him wearing her socks, she became disturbed because she felt like he was reckless with her feelings. Rihanna has a lot of love for Drake and is disappointed their relationship did not evolve into something deeper or more long term. She is trying to move on with her new man, who is making himself more available to commitment than Drake was ever willing to do.”