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Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have been accused of appropriating the work of India Arie after they reportedly stole the name of her album for a comedy sketch on The Tonight Show.

The ‘sketch’ in question here is called “Songversation,” where Jimmy and Justin basically sing their entire conversation. The game was not the issue as much it was the title. Coincidentally, the name of sketch is actually the name of Arie’s 2013 studio album.

India Arie eventually got to behold the debate as it unraveled on social media and then she decided to give her own opinion on the “Songversation” sketch.

India wrote, “Just to be clear, I’m offended. THIS not what I have cultivated this word for. Nope.”

While she said she understands that the responsibility and blame doesn’t solely lie on Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, the songstress still demanded that her “life’s work be RESPECTED.” “There will be no DRAGGING in my name. I’m not about that. But I speak up for myself ~ #songversation is sacred. Respect it. Respect me,” she then added.

Check out the Sonversation sketch on The Tonight Show and see India Arie’s reactions below.