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It would not be out of place to say that comedian Steve Harvey is being over protective of his daughters. This is no speculation and it is evident in the fact that children Steve would go to any lengths to ensure that his kids make the right choices.

A source told Gossip Afro that the talk show host made it clear that for any man to court his daughters, he would have to go through him first.

This came up when the Steve Harvey touched on reports that Selena Gomez’s mother disapproved of her relationship with Justin Bieber, on his show.

When one of his guests, Kim Gravel, asked him if he was scared to learn that his daughter was dating a professional athlete, his response was blunt and direct.

“It did in the beginning but then I had him followed.” Steve responded

The crowd was thrown into laughter and they give him an applause. Steve continued,

“She didn’t know. But she now knows. And when she found out, she was upset… What you trippin’ for? I’m trying to help you. You think he cute, I don’t. You find him attractive. The boy is just a boy to me,” he added

Harvey stated that, in his eyes, the man his daughter will marry must embody the characteristics he has as a husband and a father, or else, he “can’t have her.”

“If you’re not going to treat her the way I’ve treated her, and the way I’ve treated her mama, then you can’t have her.”