T.I. has continued to be a voice for incarcerated BMF leader Big Meech who is currently serving 30 years in state penitentiary for his orchestration of a nationwide narco-trafficking ring.

Meech nez Demetrius Edward Flenory is a divisive figure who has split public opinion over disparate use of violence and community outreach. For what it’s worth, the wisdom of Big Meech is boundless depending on who’s listening. It can’t be argued that he had an entrepreneurial vision and mission that yielded extreme profits.


T.I. advocates for imprisoned Meech as they have come a long way in recorded history of coming to each other’s aide. When accusations were swirling about T.I. being a snitch, it was Big Meech who came to his defense.

The video in question, that T.I posted earlier is an audio clip of Meech offering his wisdom on comeuppance; on how it’s sometimes wise to keep your head lowered and not attract too much attention. Words to live by, if you will.