Wiz Khalifa and girlfriend Izabela broke up because she allegedly caught him cheating with his

Yesterday we brought you an unconfirmed report about a supposed breakup between Wiz Khalifa and his Brazilian model girlfriend, Izabela Guedes. And now we have the first story from the confirmation.

Wiz and Izy are have really called off their long time relationship. The symptoms came when For they both deleted all photos of themselves on social media. At the moment we learnt that Izzy is the one doing the breakup after the Wiz allegedly cheated on her with his ex.

A source told Gossip Afro that Isabela dumped Wiz because she suspected he was cheating with an ex. But the insider declined to give more details as regards the ex-involved.

But we know for sure that the ex in question would not most likely be his ex-wife Amber Rose, because she’s already moved on to rapper 21 Savage.

More details as the story unfolds.