2 Chainz & LeBron James

Whether it is musicians, rappers and sports legends, one thing is sacrosanct, they all have something in common. This have been revealed via the pair of 2 Chainz and LeBron James. The two of them make mountains of cash based on their career, they also like to “ball,” and they also look and seem to be making merriment and enjoying partying together at every moment that they get the opportunity or chance to do so.

LeBron James

2 Chainz, is no doubt, one of the most and highly recognizable rappers cum musician in the game at the very moment and period. His voice is no doubt, unmistakable, and his style and type is damned very unique and different. Adorned in very many chains and gold-rimmed glasses, 2 Chainz, have taken to the social media platform to flex on the world.