Tiffany Haddish has become one of our favorite story tellers, especially when she retold the epic tale of her Groupon adventure with ‘Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’. Now Tiffany has media attention with her story about her encounter with the Carters at the after party for Jay Z’s 4:44 gig.

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According to the comedienne, who told a preview of the story on TV One’s Uncensored, she was chatting with Jay Z when an unnamed actress approached him and placed her hand on his chest while playfully flirting. Beyoncè rose from the mist and walked majestically in between her hubby and the entertainer. While Bey didn’t utter a word, Tiffany says her body language had already said more than enough.\

She narrated;

‘Her demeanor, her body language, the way she walked up…… was like get out my man’s face…… It’s gon’ be in these streets so’.