Tiny and T.I. are reportedly preparing for a marriage vow renewal ceremony now that they have taken back their plans to call it quits. But Tiny wants her man to commit to a new ‘post-nup’ agreement.

There are a few things holding up T.I. and Tiny’s romantic vow renewal ceremony. And before Tiny walks down any aisle again or agrees to have more children with T.I., is unless he agrees to a new post-nup agreement. Even though Tiny has been doing quite well for herself lately, she wants to make sure she secures her future,according to source.

According to source: ‘Tiny wants an updated agreement, in writing, that T.I. will be more than generous with her and all of their present and possible future children. Tiny is still in love with T.I. but she is also a smart businesswoman who knows how to handle T.I.’s rocky behavior. She has been talking things over with her personal attorneys, drafting the perfect contract for their unique situation and Tiny plans on making T.I. sign it before they say any vows again.’