Over the past two weeks, the inhuman slavery in Libya have taken over the internet and Nigerians have added their voices to expose the tales of slave trade, torturing and killings of migrants residing in Libya.

More than 5,000 Nigerians have already been repatriated from Libya by the ‘International Organisation for Migration’ since the beginning of 2017.

Some narrate their ordeal; One hibuzor

I never thought about going to Europe but my dad brought the idea. He sold his land and raised N450k which he gave to my trafficker and did not tell my mother until I was already in Libya.

The young man spent 18 months in Libya. He left the country, a hopeful man. On Thursday, he returned like a mere cargo, thankful to be back to safety.

After many of those I traveled with died in the desert, I was kidnapped as soon as I got to Libya. I was in prison for four months until my father sent N300,000 for my release.

In the prison, our food was a piece of bread every day and the police were raiding different places where black people were kept and I willingly surrendered to the police. That was how I got an opportunity to come back to Nigeria.

While working on the streets of Libya, if the gangs saw you, they would grab you and put you in a cell. They put you in a cell with many others where you would either be sold or made to call your people to pay for your freedom.

While trying to get money to free myself from the prison, I spoke with my dad 2 months ago. I told him that I might die before I had the chance to even return home because I saw people dieing beside me every day.

We used 2 days in the desert again after we escaped and later saw a motorist whom we pleaded with to help us get to the seaside.

We were camped at the seaside for three months without any opportunity to cross through the seas, but later our camp was raided by soldiers and they took all of us to prison.