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Princess Linda Moses is a sexy pretty blogger, with lots of courage and ambition an accountant and a professional nurse by training. She is of Nigerian-American nationality, known not just for her blogging skills, but also for been a smart focused and caring lady.

Linda was born to a Royal family in Imo State Nigerian, on November 5 1986. Her mother charity,held from Owerri Imo State, but born in Lagos Nigeria while her father, His Royal Highness Eze Moses was born and beard in Spain Madrid thus giving her, her distinct classic look and well-behaved character.

Linda Started blogging in 2014 as a hubby but decided to take it up as a profession  due to her love of writing and editing. She is the owner and CEO of the fast growing entertainment website Gossip Afro Media, publisher of a multicultural afro celebrities news, entertainments, sports, and events website.

Personal life of Princess Linda Moses: Linda is well-known for her long-term relationships, her last relationship with her now husband was for 7-years before the couple decided it’s time for marriage, Princess wedded her husband last year on November 5th 2016 after having a traditional wedding back in 2014. Linda’s marriage is blessed with a beautiful daughter Named Chelsea Okwumabua

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