Meet the man,Jeffrey Dunham


Jeffrey Dunham, hailed from Dallas, Texas, United States of America. He was born on the 18th of April 1962 . He became, the only child and adopted son of a homemaker and real estate appraiser . Dunham, finally was raised and he grew up in a wealthy Dallas neighborhood.

He started his ventriloquism career and profession at the tender age of 8, the time when his parents gave him out as a Mortimer Snerd dummy , this is a character made famous by the renowned and highly celebrated ventriloquist, Edgar Bergen even as a Christmas present.

The dummy, then became a very constant companion at Dunham’s side, and he then too started accepting nearly any type or form of performance request that came his way. He was seen and known to be a regular at local Kiwanis clubs, and by his high school period,  Dunham was into commercials for a Dallas Datsun dealership agent.w4

As far as he is concerned,the performances made him to say the types and kinds of things to persons in positions of power and authority that he should never be able to utter off-stage. And as with his reputation as a ventriloquist, continue to soar and grow in the greater-Dallas community, therefore,did the size of his targets  and focuses increase appropriately.