Italy’s Renzi likely to win Democratic Party election

Former Italian Matteo Renzi addresses the press while campaigning for the Italian Democratic Party leadership, in Brussels

Ex-Italian Matteo Renzi have addressed the press whilst carrying out campaigns

for the Italian Democratic Party leadership. This took place in the city of Brussels on April 28,2017.

Renzi according to impeccable source have made a decision to finish and end his campaign for the leadership of the Italian Democratic Party in Brussels and to make a demonstration of his commitment and drive towards the European Union.

Matteo Renzi,who was the ex-prime minister (PM) of France was Sunday (that is today) poised to be victorious as he is convinced to winning,the leadership of Italy’s ruling Democratic Party (PD) in a primary election, which is also propelling him back to the forefront of the national political scene and arena

Renzi, who is 42 years old, had resigned as prime minister in December 2016 after Italians overwhelmingly made a rejection of the constitutional referendum.