Mel B’s ex nanny Lorraine Gilles shows off her pert derriere in racy white swimsuit…

Lorraine Gilles who has been caught in between the divorce battle between Mel B and Stephen Belafonte shares photo of her pet derriere amid the saga.

She had been accused earlier last month by the former Spice girls, Mel B of having an affair with her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte, and just few weeks ago, the couple’s former nanny Lorraine Gilles didn’t seem bothered as she posed for a cheeky Instagram photo.


A photo of the German former model showing off her derriere in a racy white swimsuit emerges as the divorce battle rages on.

Lorraine, now 26, denied all claims by Mel B and instead claims that she had sex with Mel B and threesomes with the star and her husband Stephen in the latest court presentation.

The nanny also claimed that the former spice girl was her primary lover and her only encounters with Belafonte were when the singer invited him into bed to have threesomes.