Kelly Rohrbach says ‘Humour is the sexiest quality in relationship’

The 27-year-old actress has revealed that hunour is the “sexiest” quality in a romantic partner and says she would date her love interest in ‘Baywatch’.

She admits her ideal romantic partner would  be similar to her love interest in the upcoming action comedy movie ‘Baywatch’ which is based on the popular television series of the same name as she thinks the character, played by Jon Bass, is the funniest character in the movie.

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Kelly  who is currently single talked about her ideal type of guy is… Kelly, who plays C.J. Parker in the movie said: ‘Originally, my romantic interest, played by Jon Bass, is a Jonah Hill type. It was written that he had a big crush on [C.J.] and she’s kind of a bitch to him. I kept thinking, I would love this guy. I would hook up with him. He’s the funniest character, and to me, humour is the sexiest thing.’

Kelly Rohrbach for Cosmopolitan