Dolly Parton gives millions to fire victims

The ‘9 To 5’ hitmaker, Dolly Parton started the ‘My People fund’ after bush fires struck last year, killing fourteen people in the Gatlinburg area and destroying thousands of buildings…she announced the last of the payouts were made this week.

Dolly dished out millions of pounds to around 900 families who were victim to the devastated wildfires who watched their homes shrivel down in Tennessee last year.

She told USA Today: ‘It makes me feel humble…It makes me feel proud that I have been able to do something. I don’t put myself on any kind of pedestal for doing this because it’s the right thing to do. I am still a Smoky Mountain girl, and I have been blessed in my life to become a celebrity, and when you are in a position to help, you should help.’

Dolly Parton

The 71-year-old singer explained that things you don’t even think about, for instance, medicine for older people, or people that have maybe been injured in the fire, or people that have jobs, but don’t have transportation that maybe lost their cars in the fire… So they are set up to be taken care of