On The Late Late Show, Caitlyn Jenner reveals cross-dressing in Las Vegas before transitioning..

It was a moment of confession as popular transgender reality star opened up on her cross dressing on the streets of Las Vegas on The Late Late show with James Corden.

The 67-year-old Queen while promoting her new memoir ‘The Secrets Of My Life’ on The Late Late Show and told host James Corden about walking around in public dressed as a woman without anyone noticing.


She said: ‘In Vegas, I used to cross dress a lot and sometimes go out,’ ..and while am out I would never talk to anybody because my voice would give me away…But I could get those few moments of my life and be myself, and you know in Vegas was great because you could hide in the crowd.’


She added in excitement: ‘I got pretty good, ..never, ever, ever did I get caught’….Caitlyn also admitted to her intentions of running for President.