Donald Glover to produce ‘Deadpool’ animated series for FXX

Donald Glover

Donald Glover,according to reports is said to have another series/episode coming into the FX fam’,and it’ll definitely be led by a cute and foul-mouthed superhero.

FXX has actually made an order from Glover 10 episodes/series of an untitled animated series which starrs Marvel’s Deadpool.
The comedy which is action-packed is ready and set to debut on FXX in in the coming year,2018.

Glover and his sibling (brother), Stephen Glover are billed to act or play the role of executive producers,writers and show-runners. Glover, who also have engaged his mutli-hyphenate skills and techniques to work on the Golden Globe-winning “Atlanta,” has according to records an overall deal with FX Productions to make and produce and same time develop new shows.