Normal Got Jennifer Lawrence This Far, but Mega-Stardom Has Officially Taken Over: A Look at the Actress’ Pivotal Next Chapter

Jennifer Lawrence

Just after she become winner in an Oscar Award in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence had to insist that nothing on earth had really metamorphosed for her, at least as far as who she was right on the inside.

The statement, “I a, actually very surprised at the way and how surprised everyone is that nothing has changed or feels very different,” . This is the statement of the star actress in an interview chat which she granted about nine months after she was declared the winner the Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook. She also said, “I think everyone have the believe that as you are declared a winner on an Oscar, it is then like some kind of magical charm which goes a long way to changing everything in your life.

It really and very really has not.I am very much and still put on my acting pants one leg at a time.