Caitlyn Jenner was subjected to vile comments by hecklers at LGBT Awards…Police investigate ‘Hate Crime’

Caitlyn Jenner, 67, was labelled a victim of hate crime at LGBT Awards were she was the guest of honour in London this week.

Although the transgender Queen was bestowed with the Loud and Proud accolade for her efforts to tackle transphobia, Caitlyn Jenner was herself the victim of verbal abuse on Friday.

Caitlyn reportedly had an amazing night and when she won her award the room went crazy…and when she about to leave the whole atmosphere changed.’

A reporter said that she was so shaken by the incident that police were called on the basis that it was a hate crime when verbal abuse began to ensue.

From the cowd…’Someone shouted to her, ‘Oi, Bruce, get your d**k’ out….while someone else threw things at her. It was really horrible.’

An onlooker narrated that the ex-athlete was ‘terrified’ and subsequently bundled into a waiting car by security operatives.

We have inside information that the Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they have began investigating the allegation of a hate crime, but confirmed that no arrests have been made.