Lana Del Rey Is Cover Star for ELLE UK’s June 2017 Issue

Lana Del Rey has found a spot on the latest issue of  ELLE UK.

Rey opens up about ‘Lust for Life’ – her new album. In the containing interview, Lana says; “Happiness is the ultimate life goal. I think it’s the only thing that’s important.”

The interview covered Lana’s personality, Love, Her Music and Happiness.

Speaking on happiness, Lana stressed the importance of being happy and why society needs to change.

“I think happiness is the ultimate life goal. I think it’s the only thing that’s important. There are no mechanisms in place for routes to happiness, that’s the whole f**king problem. I think people are unhappy in school – the education structure has been the same for a long time and kids are still not satisfied with their educational experience. And you don’t have enough conversations when you’re young about what makes for a satisfying, mutual relationship. Those collective life experiences – your youth, your academic education and your education about business, marriage or relationship goals – they all lead up to your collective happiness. I think the emphasis is on the wrong things and it has been for a long time.

Get the full gist in the June issue which will be on sale from May 16.