Usher is Seen in High Spirits As He Steps Out in Hollywood Amid Herpes Lawsuit Cases

Singer Usher was quite ecstatic as he ran errands in West Hollywood on Wednesday. The 39-year-old singer currently facing lawsuits from two women, Laura Helm and Quantasia Sharpton over claims of exposing them to Herpes after an unprotected sex with him, was grinning as he stepped out in Hollywood.

Usher wore a sport shorts over black leggings with a short-sleeved hoodie with a baseball cap and couldn’t resist smiling for the camera as he stepped towards his car.

Meanwhile, it was revealed two days back that one of his Herpes accusers, Laura Helm in phone a recording told a friend and publicist Dennis Byron that the singer had ‘always worn a condom’ during their encounters. But she afterwards came out with a suit that Usher had unprotected sex with her and gave her Herpes.

Usher is all smiles as he runs errands in Hollywood amid herpes lawsuit cases (Photos)